Valley of Rains OST

Valley of Rains Original Soundtrack is available to download.
Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp.


1. Pray! (3:19)
2. Amanita Wilds (3:32)
3. Farewell to the Sea (3:28)
4. Eyes of Walls (4:05)
5. Main Theme (3:26)
6. Daughter of Water Lily (3:13)
7. Far from Home (3:41)
8. Dark Lands (5:08)
9. Bonus track: Tiurula — Valley of Rains (4:11)

Tracks 1—8 by ZOSYA entertainment.
Voice in Track 3: Tatiana Suslova.
Track 5 is the cover/remix of Tiurula's song.
Track 9 by Tiurula.

The physical release of the ZX Spectrum game Valley of Rains also contains this album on CD.

Additionally, you can listen to the album Tiurula (2019) by the Karelian post-folk band Tiurula with Valley of Rains (track 9 of OST) and other instrumental tracks or buy audio cassette Tiurula — Tiurula.

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