Travel Through Time Volume 1: Northern Lights

A game for ZX Spectrum with 128K of memory.

Genre: Racing.

Having started participating in amateur racing in Sweden in the 50s, you will go through an amazing story through decades, watching the development of the automotive industry and the life of one family.

• 6 playable cars of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
• Storyline and cutscenes.
• Various racing types: challenge, time trial, duel, checkpoints etc.
• Night racing, winter racing.
• Many types of road objects.
• Bridges, overpasses with dynamic shadows, tunnels.
• Roadmarks and road signs.
• High frame rate (up to 25 FPS).
• AY music and engine sound.

F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Travel_Through_Time_1.tap
Fast loader (by Dr. Bars): Travel_Through_Time_1_(Fast).tap
Disk version for +3 (by Dr. Bars): Travel_Through_Time_1.dsk
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Travel_Through_Time_1.scl

Hold GEAR to skip cutscenes / restart race.

Code by Kit.
Graphics by Manu.
Original music score by Tiurula.






55 thoughts on “Travel Through Time Volume 1: Northern Lights

    1. This is the best spectrum game I have ever played. I spent 3 hours tonight playing this and it is awesome. I want to buy a copy but I see its out of stock any chance it might come back in stock at some point?

      1. We plan to print an additional circulation along with the release of the second part of the game. I hope this happens this year.

        1. Amazing thank you. Will keep an eye on here then as I definitely want this version and the new game in physical form

  1. Hi Natasha
    In my streamming I made the first real plays of the game and it is SPECTACULAR. A game that is loaded with surprises and details. The train at the beginning, the constant gameplay changes, the cutscenes … I felt emotion when winning and that had not happened to me in a long time. The Duel phase has learning and once you repeat and repeat at the end you overcome it, learning what techniques to use the gear change you should use and how. Now I can say that we are facing one of the games of 2021 … without a doubt. Excellent. I was excited live! hahahaha

    1. Hi, dude
      Your English is hilarius. It is quite noticeable that you use google translate
      “In my streamming ” ¿?
      “that is loaded with surprises ” ¿?
      “The Duel phase” ¿?
      ” I was excited live! ” ¿?
      Really, a shame
      In addition to being one-armed, a gañan man ??

        1. Hi, Natasha
          Congrats for this game. Really i impressed with technical skill and playability.
          Thanks a lot for developed this piece of art… and free 😉

          (*) I know Javi and is a bit dumb, not a cool person with good feelings with the whole community. He just wants prominence. Sorry for inconvenience

          Cheers !

      1. 🙂 You do see the irony in someone ridiculing another person’s English whilst miss-spelling hilarious in the SAME sentence, and then failing to use basic punctuation?

  2. I’ve only played for a few minutes, but looks amazing so far!

    Just one suggestion: would it be possible for a future version to support turbo modes and such? On my Spectrum Next, in 7Mhz mode, the game becomes super-smooth, but also a bit too fast to play. Some other modern games (e.g. Aliens Neoplasma, Delta’s Shadow, etc.) adapt to higher CPU speeds so that they become smoother, not faster. Would that be possible here?


    1. Coder reports that he did not initially assume this possibility in this engine: there is no binding to interrupts. Radical reworking would be required for this, but there is no free memory left at all. In general, our games are designed for the classic ZX Spectrum models, and we do not plan to support any modern devices. Although, in some of our other projects under development, delta timing is supported.

  3. I haven’t played this yet, looking forward to playing it, but I’ve played some of your other games, valley of the rains is amazing , with coding and graphics this good, have you ever thought of making a version of the classic Amiga Game Monkey Island? Or something similar to it:-)

    1. Yes, there are graphic adventures among our projects. I would like to release something like that. =)

  4. Great racing! Thank You! Congratulations for the job. I really like the Spectrum and the C64. I am 51 years old and am always a great lover of “antiques”.

  5. What a fantastic effort! What a great game! Travel Through Time is, in my opinion, without a doubt the greatest racing game ever to appear on the humble Speccy.

    One major disadvantage, though: you have to play every time from the beginning. 🙁

  6. Just played the game and I had to write. It’s amazing! Really awesome work, guys. You should be really proud. Cheers!

  7. Saw the reviews, thought they were overrated; played the game – I fully surrendered. What a great, great game.
    Seriously – one of the best ever. Straight to the Olimpus of spectrum games!

  8. Just downloaded and played the first 5 levels. What a GREAT game!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Speed, graphics, sound, music, gameplay,…. It has everything. Keep the good work!!!!

  9. Amazing! Awesome! Fantastic! Superb!
    I already played, I think, 36 levels and I can not stop playing. How many details! The tractors race, the accident in the duel, the motorcycle phase, and more and more.
    It’s a great point the story. I want to play another level to see what is going to happen next.
    And most important..what the hell are this graphics!!! Are awesome!!! And the control, the speed… Everything in this game is perfect.
    Congratulations to all the team. For me the GOTY’21 fore sure.

  10. Is it just me (or my emulator?) but I’m finding the game incredibly difficult; by stage 9 if you so much as bump one car you can forget winning. Is there a proper technique for corners? You can’t throw the car into a drift so if you’re scraping the sides of the road you have to let off the gas and crawl around the corner painfully slowly doing the whole gas-on/gas-off circus routine. Besides this difficulty with driving well, the game is amazing: the frame rate is really smooth and every pixel appears precision-placed. Easily one of the best road engines in a game ever, right up there with Road Rash. I love the use of silhouettes, backgrounds and ‘road furniture’ to produce a more realistic world. I hope one day you guys can produce a ‘Colin McRae Rally for ZX Spectrum’ that combines the excellent road technology with a more complex handling model.

    1. Thank you! In general, the technique of cornering is just that, yes. Well, we could not make the game easier, because even in this version the first full walkthroughs appeared within a day of release. A serious accident in most cases really leads to the loss of the race.

  11. OK, I managed to get past that stage and things got easier, it was just stage 9 that was giving me a bit of trouble 🙂

    Your site should list the default controls as there’s no instructions with the download; I’m playing on a PSP and I need to remap controls to the PSP buttons, so knowing the default keys is essential. That said, I’ve used joystick controls and remapped them so that accelerate is a button, not joystick-up. Ironically, the PSP is far better than the PC in that regard, I can’t remap the joystick on Speccy or Fuze! If we could also be allowed to customise joystick controls, or when defining keys allow joystick inputs, that would be very helpful to emulator users.

    Progressing from one stage to another can feel a bit repetitive due to the road surface being the same on the majority of stages. The stages would feel more individual and ‘grounded’ in reality if a map were included before each stage. This needn’t be more than a simple line of the course’s shape, but I do feel that it would mentally prepare the player better for the stage and help differentiate them.

    Personally, I felt the tunnels could have done with being narrower, cutting off the rough roadsides, to provide a meaningful obstacle rather than aesthetics alone.

    The night effect could really do with improving. There’s no difference from day-driving save for the headlight overlay. The road should be lit by street lights and visibility should be limited to a cone ahead. Due to the vanishing-point, a vertical strip of visibility would produce the cone effect. Similarly, I also felt that the snow stages were lacking, but I can understand you had limited memory to work with.

    Besides these personal opinions, it’s really a wonderful game!

  12. Отличная игра, любовь к деталям просто потрясающая. Дошел до 16го уровня и там ни в какую. Будем повторять.

  13. Any News on the physical release? I can’t wait to order it (would love to order several of your games at once, only hold off right now because I think it will be out soon).

  14. I love this – it really brought back the excitement of getting a brand new game! I read about it in Crash/Fusion – do you have other games?

  15. Wow, this is probably one of the best racing games for the 128K ZX Spectrum! Love the artwork and detail that you put into this gem, especially the railroad crossings … what a kewl idea!

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