Lava 16K — speed up version

The BASIC version of this game was made in 2014. In the original, it was for 48K. This machine code version requires only 16K and 1 minute for loading!



F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Lava16K.tap
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Lava16K.scl

Q: What is interesting about this game?
A: Today, games for 16K are quite rare. Even less often there are games that exist both in the BASIC version and in machine code.

Q: Is it compiled BASIC?
A: No, the game is re-written in assembly language. The BASIC version was incredibly slow. Now it is many times faster.

Q: And the gameplay hasn't changed? It just got faster?
A: Gameplay is very similar, but there are still many differences due to the increased speed and features of programming language. In general, visually the game looks identical.

Q: But why didn't you just compile your program?
A: If it could be done with one button - we would do. However, in practice, no compiler will cope with such a program. Actually, it would be necessary to rewrite it from scratch under the rules of compiler. Writing the program in assembly language is much easier and more appropriately.

Q: Will there be a physical edition?
A: This game is too small and simple for a full-scale release. So most likely, we will attach it as Side B to some big game.

Q: The original 2014 game featured a colorful loading screen. Why did you remove it?
A: One of the reasons is the loading time. Loading screen is comparable in size to the game itself. But of course, this is not the main reason... Try to guess =)

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    1. Эта версия полностью переписана на ассемблере. Но в исходной бейсик-версии спрайтов было столько же, и уровни тоже не изменились.

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