A game for ZX Spectrum 48K / 128.

Genres: Beat 'em up (odd levels) / Vertical scrolling shooter (even levels).

Kira and Rika, two girls from another planet, are serving their sentences on Earth, fighting crime.

In 48K mode, you get full gameplay with one additional loading after the third level.
In 128K mode, the game uses many additional features: additional types of enemies, a variety of punches, cutscenes, effects, in-game AY music, advanced intro and final cut and more.

The game has 1 Player and 2 Players modes.

Default keys: QAOP + Space + H to change character.
You can define keys in the main menu.

With every punch you accumulate energy. You can use super strike when the energy is maximum.
To do this, hold the FIRE key, but before you need to move away from the enemy.

F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Angels.tap
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Angels.scl
+3 version (by Dr. Bars): Angels.dsk

Story, graphics and code by ZOSYA entertainment.

Intro: Original score by Galaxy Map. AY arrangement by ZOSYA entertainment.
All other in-game tracks: score and AY arrangement by ZOSYA entertainment.

Original AY Soundtrack is available to download.
Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp.








34 thoughts on “Angels

    1. Здравствуйте! Пока можно только скачать бесплатно, других вариантов нет. С Новым годом! =)

      1. Спасибо и вас с наступившим годом. А где я могу сделать хотя бы донат?

        1. Спасибо! Я действительно не принимаю донаты. Ну, так уж получилось.

  1. Underlining the obvious: impressive graphically, very beautiful and technically in general it is also outstanding, but in my opinion it seriously fails in two fundamental things for me in any fighting game, first the collisions, they seem very regular and second, In a fighting game the sound of the blows on the enemy or that we receive have to sound louder and with greater or less intensity depending on the blow, as in Renegade or Exploding Fist to give two examples, and in this game the sound totally fails when it comes to transmitting that feeling, in addition the music is bland. I think you could have chosen to use the ay chip for the fx or at least the beeper but with more power for the blows. It leaves me cold as a fighting game, really. Very nice to see but somewhat boring as a street fighting game. Thanks for the game, I hope you take this as feedback and not as a malicious criticism. Greetings!

  2. Wow! Another excellent, unique and aesthetically stunning release. It’s utterly incredible for me what you achieve with your games and how you again and again break the boudries of the rather limited hardware. I’m a very happy owner of five of your boxed games already and I hope there will be a boxed version for Angels soon. I’d like to get it on my shelf and support your great work (even though I don’t own a Speccy).

  3. Primeiramente parabéns pelos excelentes trabalhos!!! Que dão mais vida ao nosso querido zx spectrum! Vida longa! E aproveitando Feliz Ano Novo!!!!

  4. Congratulations on bringing us this great game.
    First I would like to comment on a problem I have had, then I will comment on my opinion.
    I have reached the end of phase 7, and the character reaches the end of the screen, I have managed to eliminate all the enemies. but it does not pass the screen, do you know if there may be an error? I am using the Retro Virtual Machine emulator with a Spectrum +2 (Spanish version). As for my opinion on the juice
    I like the use of color and the game mechanics in general it is fun to have different options to hit and dodge, the interlude with the ship makes the game breathe and optimal. In short, I have enjoyed this great game, I hope you will continue like this for a long time, I am hallucinating with the things you do

    1. Thank you very much! In fact, at the end of the seventh level there is not a problem, but a riddle with that wall =) As it is said in the cutscene, you need the superpowers of both girls.

      1. ohh, ok..I thought about the text that makes reference to that when it reaches the end, but perhaps not having any kind of warning why I could not access the next level has confused me, I will think about what I have to do. thanks for your help and congratulations again

      2. hello zosya games, i have the exact same problem at the end of the Japan level, what do you mean that we have to use both girls superpunch?? we can only use one character at a time, can you give us a hint? :)) also i’m really loving the game much more than any modern game on ps5, xbox, switch etc!! will it be released as a physical release too??? i have managed to connect a cassette player to my Spectrum Next, i would love to have this on cassette!!!

        1. oh ok so immediately after i left the message i found what i had to do, so you need to use one girl only and it isn’t the super punch, but i don’t want to spoil it :p congratulations for this amazing game (i had the best New Years Day playing this gem) and please have a physical release!!! (even an enhanced version for the Next it would be great!!!)

  5. I never had a Spectrum computer I had the C64 and later the Amiga. Those Spectrum games of that time I didn’t like it. But these graphics are really nice and the music too. It’s like a different computer! There’s a girl in my job who I love and the blond one really looks like her! I’s like she’s in this game  : )

  6. Смотрел ролик, скачал, буду пробовать играть.
    Очень хорошо сделана графика, тени, свет фонарей и фар автомобиля…

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