Metal Man Remixed OST

Metal Man Remixed Original Soundtrack is available to download.
This album contains instrumental (not a beeper) versions of the title theme and other tracks written for this game.
Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp.


1. Metal Man Theme (Remixed) (02:49)
2. Desperate Cop (03:58)
3. Heavy Metal Man (04:14)
4. The Power (05:15)
5. Metal Man Reprise (03:36)

Music by ZOSYA entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Metal Man Remixed OST

  1. hi i have been trying to get in torch about getting games for the crash cover tape for Christmas . it a tape or sum games that is put in to promote new games and demo of game that you can play, i was wondering if you like me to include you two 16k games that you have released on this tape lara and don quixote ,be nice to send them out on a tape , as a big fan of you and your team ,i love a game or two from the zosya the work and quality is outstanding ,i all was bye your game and am amazed at the BOX set you do ,i also was a lucky one to get the METAL MAN remixed off you. but it wood be asking too much for that too ,on a crash xmas cover tape ,i all redy have 3 full games and a one leve demo ,if you can let me know if it be all right to pop them on a tape ,there is no money for me to make ,as it a labour of love for me and i do it all for free ,thank as all ways ,Wayne Robbins …

    1. Hi Wayne! If we are talking exactly about cover tape, and not about a standalone commercial release – then I don’t mind – yes, you can put these two 16K games there.

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