New Game: Rubinho Cucaracha

A game for ZX Spectrum 48K / 128.

Genre: Racing, Vehicle Combat.

Desperate driver Rubinho Cucaracha competes with a dozen principled rivals for victory at the newly formed European Championship.

You can download this game or buy the physical release in our shop.

Default keys: QAOP + Space.
You can define keys in the main menu.

Rivals are insidious, so they use weapons:

CHECO — bottle
ENZO — knife
VIHO — tomahawk
WEI — dynamite
GORO — katana
OLAF — sword
KARUN — tire lever
BRUNO — baseball bat
HANS — signal flares
NOEL — fire extinguisher
AHMED — oil
DAISY — porcelain

F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Rubinho_Cucaracha.tap
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Rubinho_Cucaracha.scl







Graphics, code and music by ZOSYA entertainment.

32 thoughts on “New Game: Rubinho Cucaracha

  1. Thank you for this game, it handles very well, it’s a lot of fun, and the graphic art is wonderful. A hug from Spain (the level I have reached, for now, hehe). 😀

  2. Thank you very much team! I think is hard to develope games right now, but we love your work. Greatings from Spain.

  3. Incredibly. You are brillant, every new game surprises me again. I love your work, please never stop creating games for the Speccy. I’ll definitively purchase more of your boxed games if it’s possible again. Thank you for what you do! Best wishes from Switzerland.

  4. Thank You very very much !!
    This game are great tons of great !!
    Siete meravigliosi. Un software indimenticabile e molto divertente. Ciao a Tutti.

  5. the title is weird as Rubinho is Portuguese / Brazilian, yet cucaracha is Spanish (means cockroach) in Portuguese the word for cockroach is barata, not sure where the people are that made this game or whether it’s ignorance or not

  6. Not as fancy and smooth as Travel Through Time, but still impressive. I find it way more forgiving and technical, but still has the same issues with teleporting cars from left/right and wall of cars. I like the weapons touch, but after finishing it I’m still not sure if its mandatory to beat them with 2-3 rams or you can overcome them. Sometimes you can, sometimes not, seems a bit random.

    Thanks again for keeping Speccy alive and this quality level. You’re hands down the best group in the ZX scene.

    1. With a large supply of nitro, you can overcome an armed enemy. However, in this case, the next opponent will meet you with weapons. Throwing cars from side to side is, of course, not a teleport, but a lane change. Yeah, they really look too fast. As for car clusters, the program has a number of procedures that work in this case – rivals change speed, break away from each other. But indeed, it does not always work effectively. We planned to use the same engine in some other games. If we can continue the work (while it looks unlikely), then we will try to improve the situation in the TTT2 a little.

      1. I see, thanks for answering. I thought the lane change was actually a bug and not a Pole Position mechanic, it’s fast indeed. Sorry to hear hear you are struggling to continue your work. Hope it fares better in the future.

  7. Congrats for another great game!! i love the fact that you made the stage of my country (athens-greece) the most beautiful!! i had bought Angels and i will buy this one too after you open your eshop again, can you please add an ‘Easy” level for this game (like in a “version 2 ” of the game)? ? although it is very possible that the difficulty is just perfect, and the problem is that i’m usually too lazy to learn all the patterns needed ?

    again thank you for another fun experience (and having the inclusion of athens in the game)

  8. Great! The smoothness of movements and the pleasant control makes the gameplay a delight. Thank you very much for making us enjoy these developments! Greetings.

  9. Another love-at-first-play game, thank you!
    And as someone has already said, the cover is a funny and much appreciated bonus.
    Sincerely best wishes!

  10. I was looking forward to buying Travel Through Time 1+2 as soon as the new chapter would come out… I still hope that a miracle happens and that one day you and your team will be able to complete all your projects in the way you planned. For now, thanks for this new release and for the many joyful hours you gifted to all ZX Spectrum fans!

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