New Game: DRIFT! 2K22

Genre: Drift Racing Simulator.

This game is mod of the 2019 game Drift!
You are competing in the Drift Championship.

A game for ZX Spectrum 128.

F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Drift!_2K22.tap
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Drift!_2K22.scl

Differences from the 2019 game:

• The game was heavily ripped; unnecessary features removed.
• New season with three new locations: Rotterdam, Giza and Valencia.
• New car, along with one of the cars from the 2019 game.
• Completely new loading screen and final cut.
• Minor changes in the car physics, visual and audio FX.
• Faster loading: the game takes up less memory.
• Additionally, you have a full racing season of the 2019 game.
• Target times of some 2019 tracks have been corrected.

How to drift:

• Approaching the corner, steer the car into the skid (in the direction that you wish to turn).
• Holding the gas pedal, turn the steering wheel to the opposite direction.
• Drift as long as you can!

You can also release the gas pedal for a while and push it again for correcting the trajectory.

Don't forget to brake before the turn, if the speed is excessive. Keep in mind that more powerful and faster cars require more intensive braking before the turns.

To gain control of the car after drift, release the gas pedal completely during steering wheel manipulation.





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  1. Happy to see that the team is still active and willing to create new games despite this dark year! I hope one day to be able to buy some physical release. The dream would be Travel Through Time 1… and 2 )))

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