New game mod: The Bark

A game for ZX Spectrum 48K or higher. Genre: First-person shooter. Mod to The Dark: Lost Pages. Gameplay and level maps are exactly the same as in the original game. Prologue excluded. As long as cats and dogs exist, there is also endless enmity between them. Xandra is one of the warriors, and is driven by, among other things, a thirst for blood revenge. Having passed a series of trials, fighting her enemies and their allies, she must enter her […]

New Game: Seraphima

A game for ZX Spectrum 128. Genre: Open World Action-Adventure (Metroidvania). Winner of Yandex Retro Games Battle v3. From time immemorial, there are two castes on Earth, in secret from people: Guardians who live outside time and stand on the defense of life on Earth, and Marauders who follow the Guardians through epochs and unceremoniously take everything they want. They fought a war against each other, ensuring a balance of Good and Evil. But a terrible thing happened: Seraphima remained […]

Rubinho Cucaracha OST

Did you hear that live performance of the title theme from the game at the Planeta Sinclair / LOAD ZX Museum GOTY 2022 ceremony? Ah, yes! It’s incredible, but we won this award again! Rubinho Cucaracha: Game of the Year 2022!

New page on our site: Gallery

We are now happy to announce that we’ve launched a new page on our site called Gallery. This is a selection of the graphic works in the ZX Spectrum format created by our team members. The page will be updated as new content becomes available.

New Game: DRIFT! 2K22

Genre: Drift Racing Simulator. This game is mod of the 2019 game Drift! You are competing in the Drift Championship.

New Game: Don Quixote 16K

A game for all ZX Spectrum models, including 16K. Genre: Adventure platformer. The story is based on the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Created in the style of minimalism, the game nevertheless conveys many of the main plot points of the original work.

New Game: Rubinho Cucaracha

A game for ZX Spectrum 48K / 128. Genre: Racing, Vehicle Combat. Desperate driver Rubinho Cucaracha competes with a dozen principled rivals for victory at the newly formed European Championship.

Metal Man Remixed OST

Metal Man Remixed Original Soundtrack is available to download. This album contains instrumental (not a beeper) versions of the title theme and other tracks written for this game. Listen and download for free from ZOSYA’s Bandcamp.


A game for ZX Spectrum 48K / 128. Genres: Beat ’em up (odd levels) / Vertical scrolling shooter (even levels). Kira and Rika, two girls from another planet, are serving their sentences on Earth, fighting crime.