Bonnie and Clyde


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A game for ZX Spectrum 48K or higher.
Interface and documentation language: English.

Genre: Arcade Platformer.

You have 9 lives.
Because you are a cat.

This is the story of Bonnie and Clyde, the infamous criminal couple of furry robbers.
Playing as Clyde, you have to collect all the coins on each level and avoid enemies and their bullets.

  • 4 in-game AY tunes by Scott Joplin (for 128K)
  • 90 levels
  • 13 areas
  • 50 FPS
  • Codes for saving (after some levels)

  • Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of the game, one per side, in plastic case with inlay.
  • Instructions booklet, black and white with color cover.
  • Color poster A4.
  • OST audio CD in slim jewel case.
  • Data CD:
  • Tape image (.tap)
    +3 (.dsk) and TR-DOS (.scl) images
    Booklet (.pdf)
    English and Russian instructions (.txt)
    OST (.mp3)
    AY music (.pt3)
    Poster (CMYK and RGB)
    Game screenshots


    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp

    1. The Entertainer (01:06)
    2. Euphonic Sounds (00:56)
    3. Maple Leaf (01:21)
    4. The Cascades (01:05)

    Score by Scott Joplin.
    These are the same tracks that sound on 128K machines.
    AY arrangements by ZOSYA entertainment.


    Tape version:

    Disk version for +3 (by Dr. Bars):

    TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker):