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A game for ZX Spectrum with 128K of memory.
Interface and documentation language: English.

Genre: Drift Racing Simulator.

You are competing in the Drift Championship.

DRIFT! is:
  • 5 cars with different specifications.
  • 16 rival drivers in two classes: Amateur and Professional.
  • 6 stages in the real geographical locations.
  • 3D representation of the tracks using polygonal graphics.
  • 360 degree panoramas.
  • Realistic engine sound, AY music and sampled speech.
  • Dynamic shadow (optional).
  • Selection between right-hand and left-hand drive.
  • Damage and repair of cars.
  • 3D track preview.
  • Dynamic mini-map during the race.

  • Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of the game, one per side, in plastic case with inlay.
  • Instructions booklet, black and white with color cover.
  • Color poster A4.
  • OST audio CD in slim jewel case.
  • Data CD:
  • Tape image (.tap)
    Booklet (.pdf)
    English and Russian instructions (.txt)
    2 cars preview (animated .gif)
    OST (.mp3)
    AY music (.pt3)
    Poster (CMYK and RGB)
    Game screenshots


    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp

    1. Drift! 03:26
    2. Final Run 05:10
    3. Return 02:33
    4. In-Game Theme 01:41

    Music by Jet Z 80 [1—3] / ZOSYA entertainment [4].


    Tape image: Drift!.tap