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Two games for ZX Spectrum 48K or higher:

Metal Man Remixed and Matthew Cranston Remixed.

Originally METAL MAN REMIXED was released in 2015 as part of a Kickstarter campaign by Sam Dyer, Bitmap Books. In turn, METAL MAN REMIXED is an improved version of METAL MAN RELOADED, which was created in 2013 and released in 2014; and that is a remake of the 1997 game METAL MAN.

MATTHEW CRANSTON REMIXED is not a full-scale game, but a little spin-off. In this game, the levels are much shorter and easier. You can also use this game as a practice before the main game.

Genre: Action, run 'n' gun shooter.

Interface and documentation language: English.

New York, near future.

Crime groups united in powerful networks. Battle robots and other new technologies came to the aid of a mafia. Fight against a crime is extremely difficult as the mafia is under the care of the authorities.

Some police stations, which haven't accepted new system, continue to work underground, throwing down a challenge to crime and authorities. In one of them there is a desperate cop Matthew Cranston, better known as METAL MAN.

Story, graphics, code and music of both games by ZOSYA entertainment.

Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of each game (4 recordings), in plastic case with inlay.
  • Instructions booklet, black and white with color cover.
  • Color poster A4.
  • OST audio CD in slim jewel case.
  • Data CD:
  • Tape images (.tap)
    Booklet (.pdf)
    Instructions (.rtf)
    OST (.mp3)
    Poster (CMYK and RGB)
    Game screenshots


    Metal Man Remixed Original Soundtrack is available to download.
    This album contains instrumental (not a beeper) versions of the title theme and other tracks written for this game.
    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp.


    1. Metal Man Theme (Remixed)
    2. Desperate Cop
    3. Heavy Metal Man
    4. The Power
    5. Metal Man Reprise

    Video trailer