Rubinho Cucaracha


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A game for ZX Spectrum 48K / 128.

Genre: Racing, Vehicle Combat.

Interface and documentation language: English.

"Desperate driver Rubinho Cucaracha competes with a dozen principled rivals for victory at the newly formed European Championship."

Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of the game, one per side, in plastic case with inlay.
  • Instructions booklet with color cover.
  • Color poster A4.
  • 4 paper sheets of the World Map (list of stages)
  • Data CD:

  • Tape image (.tap)
    Racing car 3D model (.3ds)
    Booklet (.pdf) and instructions
    Rubinho Cucaracha Logo (.gif, .svg)
    Music (.mp3, .wav and .it module)
    Poster (CMYK and RGB)
    TR-DOS version
    World Map


    OST is available on Data CD in two forms (tracker and digital):

    1. Win (0:09)
    2. Main (1:30)
    3. Fail (0:04)
    4. Over (0:04)
    5. Level (0:04)
    6. Final (0:30)

    These are the same tunes that sound in the game, but in a different arrangements (not a beeper).
    Music by ZOSYA entertainment.


    Tape image: Rubinho_Cucaracha.tap
    TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Rubinho_Cucaracha.scl