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This release contains two games for ZX Spectrum 48K or higher:
The Dark. Redux and The Dark: Lost Pages.

Genre: First-person shooter (Redux and main game of Lost Pages) / Action-adventure maze (Prologue of Lost Pages).

Interface and documentation language: English.

"Many years ago the army of dark forces has crossed the border of the Land of Winds.
Most of the population have been killed, others have escaped to the Northern Lands.
Among them there was a girl named Jane. Soon she gave birth to a son, Alexander.
Jane told him the sad story. And when he became an adult, he went to the native land to free his country."

Big Box content

  • Black cassette in black case with black inlay: audio tape with 2 copies of each game (4 recordings).
  • A unique handmade booklet stylized as a medieval manuscript:

    Each copy is manually painted with water and acrylic colors. There are no two identical ones! In addition to describing games, the booklet contains a world map of The Dark. Redux and map of Prologue of Lost Pages, as well as a sheet music of the main theme of the second game.

  • Data CD:
  • Tape images (.tap) of two games.
    Other versions: Russian version of The Dark. Redux and TR-DOS versions of both games.
    Instructions (.txt and .rtf).
    Music in 3 different formats: .pt3 (AY, as in the second game), .it (modules for tracker) and .wav (both AY and tracker versions).
    Game screenshots.


    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp:

    1. Prepare to Fight! (MOD) 02:28
    2. The Book of Ezekiel (MOD) 03:22
    3. Prepare to Fight! (AY) 02:20
    4. The Book of Ezekiel (AY) 02:48

    These are the same tracks that sound on 128K machines.
    Music by ZOSYA entertainment.


    The Dark. Redux

    Tape image: The_Dark_Lost_Pages.tap

    The Dark: Lost Pages

    Tape image: The_Dark_Redux.tap
    Russian version: The_Dark_Redux_ru.tap
    TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): The_Dark_Redux.scl

    Video trailer