Tiurula — Tie Pohjoiseen (2020) extended edition


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Audio cassette "Tiurula — Tie Pohjoiseen" (2020).

This is not just Tiurula's second album, but an extended edition prepared specifically for this release.
This edition consists of 16 tracks (the original album had 13). Total length is more than 1 hour.
At the time of release of the cassette, tracks Ihalanjoki, Sininen Silta and an extended version of Saari do not exist in any digital form. This is an analog exclusive.


1. Road North
2. Shapes on the Ice
3. Breath of the Pine Forest
4. Karhu
5. Linjojen Välissä
6. Voice of Lumivaara
7. Ukonkivi
8. Distant Lights
9. Ensilumi

10. Linnunradan Heijastus
11. Girlish Dreams
12. Tarinan Jatko
13. Karelia

Bonus tracks:
14. Saari (extended version)
15. Ihalanjoki
16. Sininen Silta

Main instruments: accordion, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, synthesizers, folk percussion.

Bandcamp: tiurula.bandcamp.com