New Game: Don Quixote 16K

A game for all ZX Spectrum models, including 16K.

Genre: Adventure platformer.

The story is based on the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes.
Created in the style of minimalism, the game nevertheless conveys many of the main plot points of the original work.

September 29, 2022:
475 years since the birth of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

F R E E    D O W N L O A D
Tape image: Don_Quixote_16K.tap
+3 version (by Dr. Bars): Don_Quixote_16K.dsk
TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Don_Quixote_16K.scl





T H E    E N D
Returning home, Don Quixote renounces his previous ambition and burns all the books of chivalry.

21 thoughts on “New Game: Don Quixote 16K

  1. Fantastic release! All your games are creative and bring something unique to the table, I really admire that. I purchased myself a ZX Spectrum 48k and a ZX Spectrum 128 +2 and it’s such a pleasure to enjoy all your wonderful games on these original machines. I already own all your games as boxed versions (except for Rubinho Cucaracha and Just a Gal). I used to play them with an emulator but it’s so much better on real hardware. I’m very sorry there is no way to order more of your games boxed at the moment, but as soon as times get better I’ll definitively purchase the rest of them. All the best to you!

  2. Some of the best speccy games were for 16k (Timebomb, Splat, Jetpack, etc). That wonderfull 16k games are still being made is phenominal. Great stuff.
    Thanks for all your work and generosity.

    1. Unfortunately when I go to the tavern (the second location), then I go out, I go back to the ? and it gets stuck … that is, you can’t leave the location in practice, nothing happens !!
      Is it a bug ??
      Thanks in advance.

      1. It’s the most cryptic part of the game but I managed to solve it. It’s not a bug.

        SPOILER ALERT!!!!
        Pick the shield inside the tavern, go outside and put the shield in the blue thing in the middle of the screen, go hide to the left of the tower at the left of the screen and then a man will come out the tavern and try to steal the shield. Once he picked the shield chase him and attack him with your spear. Repeat the process two times and at the third time he will just come out and drop a book. Pick the shield (now it will go to your equipment instead of the inventory) and the book and you’re free to go on.
        SPOILER ALERT!!!!

  3. Great to see you are alive and kicking. Can’t wait for the moment were we are able again to order the physical versions of your last releases, so that you can collect the well earned reward for your hard work (and we can get our hands on some of the most beautiful physical releases in the whole industry).

  4. немного ошибок с которыми столкнулись пользователи
    “Если синее ведро выкладывать на фоне желтой двери, то когда ведро берешь обратно, на том месте, где оно было остаются неправильные атрибуты.”
    “А то что у меня стул после сбора книги в доме кихота пропал – это норма?
    Потому что кажется замок без 2-х стульев не пройти.
    Я просто не забрал его сразу – и он исчез.
    А стул на мельнице – не исчезал в такой же ситуации…
    upd: да, нужны оба. Не знаю, где я за первое прохождение стул потерял…”

  5. Don Quixote not only is a great game, probably it’s one of the deepest and longest 16K Spectrum games ever. it’s also a sign of relief for most of us, that you’re alive and kicking, still creating beauty on the Speccy.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about you guys all these months since your last posts on FB in March, and I was wishing you strength to overcome this situation and continue this beautiful anomaly that is developing games for a 40-year-plus machine in the third decade of the 21st century.

    Given the circumstances, I hope everything is fine for you Natasha, the team and families. I wish things will come back to normal in order to purchase Rubinho Cucaracha and all the stunning games, that I’m pretty sure you’re working on for the future. No matter how long this takes. We will be there at the end of the road waiting for you!!

    Best wishes and take care!

  6. Отличная игра, несмотря на минимализм 16К! Как обычно у Зоси всё на высшем уровне.

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