Valley of Rains


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A game for ZX Spectrum 48K or higher.
Interface and documentation language: English.

Genre: Side-scrolling Action.

"My mother is Water Lily, the most beautiful flower on the earth.
My father is Ant, the strongest being on the earth.
Volcano has given me fire.
Wagtail has blessed me for great deeds.
I went on the road to return life to Valley of Rains."

There is drought in the country since the dark forces settled upon the land.
As Princess of Valley of Rains, you must defeat the evil forces.

Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of the game, one per side, in plastic case with inlay.
  • Full color instructions booklet
  • Color poster A4.
  • OST audio CD in slim jewel case.
  • Data CD:
  • Tape image (.tap)
    Booklet (.pdf)
    English and Russian instructions (.txt)
    OST (.mp3)
    4 Posters (CMYK and RGB)
    World Map
    Game screenshots



    1. Pray! (3:19)
    2. Amanita Wilds (3:32)
    3. Farewell to the Sea (3:28)
    4. Eyes of Walls (4:05)
    5. Main Theme (3:26)
    6. Daughter of Water Lily (3:13)
    7. Far from Home (3:41)
    8. Dark Lands (5:08)
    9. Bonus track: Tiurula — Valley of Rains (4:11)

    Tracks 1—8 by ZOSYA entertainment.
    Voice in Track 3: Tatiana Suslova.
    Track 5 is the cover/remix of Tiurula's song.
    Track 9 by Tiurula.

    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp

    You can use our music for free without any restrictions in any projects, such as movies, audio books etc.

    Additionally, you can buy audio cassette Tiurula — Tiurula (2019) with 'Valley of Rains' (track 9 of OST) and other instrumental post-folk tracks.


    Tape image: Valley_of_Rains.tap