Travel Through Time Volume 1: Northern Lights


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A game for ZX Spectrum with 128K of memory.

Genre: Racing.

Interface and documentation language: English.

Having started participating in amateur racing in Sweden in the 50s, you will go through an amazing story through decades, watching the development of the automotive industry and the life of one family.

  • 6 playable cars of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
  • Storyline and cutscenes.
  • Various race types: challenge, time trial, duel, checkpoints etc.
  • Night racing, winter racing.
  • Many types of road objects.
  • Bridges, overpasses with dynamic shadows, tunnels.
  • Roadmarks and road signs.
  • High frame rate (up to 25 FPS).
  • AY music and engine sound.

  • Code by Kit.
    Graphics by Manu.
    Original music score by Tiurula.

    Big Box content

  • Audio tape with 2 copies of the game, one per side. Green cassette in green plastic case with inlay.
  • Full color instructions booklet.
  • Color poster A4.
  • OST audio CD (by Tiurula) in slim jewel case.
  • Data CD:
  • Tape image (.tap)
    Other versions: +3, TR-DOS and fast loader (.dsk, .scl, .tap)
    Booklet (.pdf)
    Instructions (.rtf)
    OST by Tiurula (.mp3)
    AY music (5 tracks from the game, .pt3)
    Poster (CMYK and RGB)
    Game screenshots


    Listen and download for free from ZOSYA's Bandcamp

    OST audio CD Tracklist:

    1. Travel Through Time (3:17)
    2. Junan Ikkunan Läpi (4:19)
    3. Road North (4:06)
    4. Distant Lights (3:31)
    5. Road to Sortavala (4:33)
    6. Tarinan Jatko (5:02)
    7. On the Edge of the Land (3:56)
    8. Polkka (0:53)

    Music by Tiurula, except [8] (Finnish traditional).
    Tracks 1 (Travel Through Time) and 8 (Polkka) were recorded specially for this game. Track 5 (Road to Sortavala) is slightly re-edited.
    Additionally, you can buy audio cassettes Tiurula — Tiurula (2019) and Tiurula — Tie Pohjoiseen (2020).

    In-game arragements (AY):

    Travel Through Time (Main Menu)
    Road to Sortavala (Cutscenes)
    Junan Ikkunan Läpi (Cutscenes)
    Night in Hiitola (Cutscenes)
    Ensilumi (Level Failed)

    Original music score by Tiurula.
    AY versions by ZOSYA entertainment.

    Video trailer


    Tape image: Travel_Through_Time_1.tap
    Fast loader (by Dr. Bars): Travel_Through_Time_1_(Fast).tap
    Disk version for +3 (by Dr. Bars): Travel_Through_Time_1.dsk
    TR-DOS version (by Shadow Maker): Travel_Through_Time_1.scl